The issue, Possibility of Perfect Research, brings up some significant issues on an exploration yield or examination measure. What is research? What is the total premise of exploration? Why exploration is started? How examination is led? How examination is assessed? What is flawlessness? Is flawlessness during research measure practical? What is successful examination the board? What is research paper? We will put forth an attempt to address the aforementioned questions.

Oxford Dictionary characterizes research as, a cautious investigation of a subject, particularly to find new realities or data about it. An examination is either rundown of data or assessment of some all around found data. In a real sense, research includes “looking once more” the subject what others have composed on it. An examination is mix of data, assessment, and advancement. Right off the bat, it gives data on a specific subject or matter, furthermore, assesses the prior exploration or audits applicable writing, lastly, the new work adds some inventive viewpoints, both handy just as theoretical.

Man is mix of three fundamental real factors, i.e., body, psyche, and soul. Human exercises are formed by actual requirements, mental impulses, and soul inclinations. At actual level, a significant actual need is recreation or unwinding. At mental level, a significant mental sense is interest. Once more, at otherworldly level, a significant soul encourage is flawlessness. The various reasons of exploration are actual interest for more relaxation, scholarly push by virtue of instinctual interest, fussbudget goal of soul because of instilled desire of soul towards flawlessness. The very establishment of human life structures is hence extreme premise of exploration, so that examination will proceed until the end of time. There isn’t plausibility of ideal examination in any order.